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Our Swimming Pool Services in Austin



Many customers decide to use a pool service just to keep their pool looking clean. However, we take a holistic approach to your pool upkeep, focusing not just on the aesthetics of the pool, but the safety of your water, the efficiency of your filtration system and the longevity of your pool and equipment.

Safety is our primary concern. Texas sets water quality standards for commercial pools, and even though those standards don’t apply to backyard pools, we maintain those same standards for all of our customers. Of course, we’ll make sure your pool looks beautiful, too!
We keep billing simple and reliable. Our one monthly rate covers service every week and all basic chemicals to adjust chlorine, alkalinity and pH. We accept payment online through our billing system, directly on our website, by credit card or PayPal, and of course, we accept checks.

Whether you want a full service including cleaning or a simple ‘chemical only’ service, we are your pool professionals of choice.

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Unfortunately, a fact of life when owning a pool is dealing with repairs.  We have resources to tackle any repair:

  • Leak detection
  • Plumbing
  • Pumps and motors
  • Heaters
  • Valves
  • Automation Systems
  • Salt Cells

Contact us with your issue and we will work with you to get it solved!

Pool Finish 2


We love our pools.  We use them every chance we get.  They are a gathering place for family and friends, they’re a place to make memories.   However, years of use along with the rigors of being outdoors in the elements causes pools to age.  We love taking those well used pools and making them beautiful again so you can keep making those memories…and have your pool look great in the photos.

We specialize in plaster, tile, coping and decking work.    Give us a call to discuss your needs or vision!

We also work with local lenders that can assist you in financing a pool renovation project!

Variable Speed Pump


Concerned about the environment?  Looking to save money on energy?  Simply needing a new pump?  We can help you upgrade to current technology that can save you money on your energy bill.

We install and program variable speed pumps as well as pool automation systems that will make your pool more usable and more eco friendly.

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