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We understand the needs and frustrations of pool owners because we are pool owners.

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Weekly Maintenance

Professional maintenance keeps your water chemistry spot on and your pool looking beautiful.

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Repairs and Service

Pools and their equipment are complex and live a hard life outdoors. When something goes wrong, we're here to help.

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Chemical Delivery

Prefer to take care of your own pool, but hate lugging hundreds of pounds of chlorine tabs and shock? Contact us for details on our chemical delivery program.

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Why Choose Us?


We understand the needs and frustrations of pool owners because we are pool owners.

When I built my pool in 2011, I felt largely abandoned by the builder. I hired and, by the end of construction, I practically filled the role of general contractor. It was a terrible experience that I seem to share with a number of pool owners.

I consistently hear similar experiences with pool maintenance companies. Missed weeks, no time spent, incorrect chemical usage and general lack of care and courtesy are the most common complaints I hear about our competitors.

Poseidon Pools, very simply, is the most professional pool maintenance organization in Austin. Our staff is not only trained in the technical aspects of pool maintenance, they are committed to providing a higher lever of service than our competitors - the kind of service our customers deserve and should expect.



If you are ready to have your swimming pool to be clean, safe, and beautiful, then give us a call.  It is time to start enjoying your pool.